Leicester Masjid Inauguration

On Friday 10th September 2021, His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin inaugurated the Dawoodi Bohra Masjid in Leicester and named it Burhani Masjid. Over 1,500 Dawoodi Bohras from across the UK and abroad attended the inauguration. His Holiness resided in Leicester for two days. During his sermon, he prayed for the prosperity of the UK and for Dawoodi Bohras to continue being faithful, patriotic and conscientious members of society to the fullest.

For the Dawoodi Bohras, as for many Muslims throughout the world, the masjid is the beating heart of their community. Primarily a place for community members to gather for prayer and spiritual guidance, it also serves as the nucleus of the Dawoodi Bohras’ educational and social activities. Just as the heart is essential to sustain the body, so the masjid is of paramount importance for the Bohra community’s sustenance. Not only does it have great significance throughout each Bohra’s life, but it is where individuals are unified to form a whole.

The newly inaugurated Burhani Masjid sits in the heart of the city of Leicester and is a beautiful representation of Fatemi art and architecture, combined with a modern British influence. The Masjid building process was a labour of love and the opening ceremony long-awaited. The initial plans for the Masjid were done using the combined experience and expertise of an established local British architectural firm with our own community design team. Local contractors were commissioned for the construction of the project who were able to build the Masjid to the exact specifications required. This Masjid will give Leicester a unique architectural landmark. Combining the intricate geometric designs inspired by Fatimid Egypt, our cultural heritage, with modern building techniques we hope to bring the essence of our ancestral home to Leicester.

Many community members take pride in the Masjid as something they built with their own hands. They came together using their skills as carpenters, architects, engineers, designers, and more to bring their long awaited dream to life. “With hard work and support the dream of building the Masjid, a place our community could call home came true. Finally we have a place where we all belong. Something we look at with a sense of pride, that we did this!”

Photo Credit: Burhanuddin Ghia, Ali Sulemanji, Mustafa Gulamali, Ali Gulamali

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  1. Zainab Anaswala says:

    Maashallah the article has been written with great passion & honor for not only the masjid itself but also for our beloved Aali Qadr Maula. Very well said in each line shows the love & respect of our “Fatimid Cultural Heritage” from where we belong.

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