We are the Dawoodi Bohra community of Leicester

The Dawoodi Bohra families of Leicester have lived and worked peacefully in and around Leicester since the 1960s. Our masjid – or mosque – is called Burhani Masjid and is a central meeting point for over 140 families in our community.  

Who We Are

The Dawoodi Bohras of Leicester have lived and worked in the city since the 1960s, having migrated from East Africa, India and Yemen. Dawoodi Bohra families were welcomed and embraced by the local neighbourhoods of Leicester and have since lived in harmony with the wider community. Whilst being a diaspora rich in culture, the Dawoodi Bohras of Leicester also readily adapted to and accepted their home of Leicester with relish and zeal.  Our masjid is located on Bath Street in the historic Belgrave district of Leicester. It is the heart of our community where over 140 families gather.

Acknowledging our entrepreneurial history, a vast majority of members in Leicester are involved in different types of businesses of various sizes integral to the city.  Members of the community are also employed in various professions such as doctors, engineers, pharmacists, lawyers, teachers and many more, proudly serving the larger community.

Our Masjid

In the early days, our religious congregations would be held in members’ homes.  As the community grew, community centres were hired around Leicester, including Stocking Farm and Saffron Lane.  Eventually, in 1986, a community hub was established with the acquisition of a property on Wellington Street within Leicester’s city centre. This was named Al-Markaz-Al-Badri by the Late Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, the 52nd Dai-al-Mutlaq and leader of the Dawoodi Bohras.

As our community grew and, after years of continued efforts from community members, the foundation for Leicester’s Masjid was laid in May 2013 and completed in July 2018. The masjid was inaugurated by His Holiness in September 2021 and is now home to Leicester’s Dawoodi Bohra community. 

The masjid is a unique landmark in the city of Leicester, with its design based on Fatimid architecture and inspired by Masjids in Cairo, Egypt.  The structure includes a blend of both Eastern and Western concepts, proudly standing as a symbol of the integration of Leicester’s Dawoodi Bohras into our city and country. The newly constructed masjid has been built as a multi-purpose and multi-functional place of worship, gatherings and community events.

Our Community

Today, members of our community are tied to Leicester and are a vital part of this rich, vibrant and diverse city.  We are proud to contribute to Leicester as a city and are continuously involved in various projects as engaged and aware citizens. Our leader Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin regularly emphasises the importance of loving one’s country, living peacefully with one another and having harmonious ties to one’s neighbours both locally and within wider society. In light of this guidance, we have undertaken several projects in and around the city, partnering with local organisations to serve the wider community.

Some of the projects the Leicester Dawoodi Bohras have been involved in include the planting of over 100 trees across the region, coming together during the Covid-19 pandemic to distribute food prepared in our community kitchen to healthcare workers, working with local shelters to distribute warm accessories to rough sleepers in the city, and supporting local food banks with regular donations.

The healthcare professionals within our community are committed to raising awareness about health conditions such as diabetes and cancer, and we have hosted events to raise funds for charities such as Silver Star and Cancer Research UK.

Leicester Dawoodi Bohras are committed to supporting their city, being integrated within the wider community and embracing those within our city in the same way we have been embraced for so many years.

Community News