Bohras in Leicester celebrate the festive season with neighbours

On 19th December 2018 the Leicester Dawoodi Bohra Community invited local neighbours and friends for a festive dinner to celebrate diversity and friendship within the local community.

The event was held in the new Masjid’s courtyard which gave everyone an opportunity to view the beautiful building and its grounds. The evening showcased what the community has been working on locally as well as internationally for the betterment of everyone, and how it hopes that working together will strengthen the bonds of friendship and create a close knit society.

After greeting the guests upon arrival, they were guided through a small exhibition covering the community’s activities. The exhibition highlighted the involvement of female community members and their integral role in the planning, logistics and execution of many projects.

Guests were then seated at their respective tables after which a light and informative presentation was conducted, showcasing the initiatives that the Leicester community has been working on as well as discussing the proposed initiatives the community would like to move forward with, along with the help of its neighbours.

A presentation covering the community’s many local and international initiatives

The upliftment drive has been one of the main focuses for the Bohra community this year, both locally and internationally. The presentation gave the neighbours an opportunity to see what the community had been working on. One big project was the upliftment of a town in India where members of the Leicester community went to help transform a town where years of under-privilege had hardened into a culture of poverty and deprivation.

Locally, the community has also been involved in numerous clean-up and restoration project. To celebrate the completion of the Masjid, and underline the importance placed on being good neighbours to everyone, the plans for the local park regeneration project were launched, and the neighbours were invited to provide feedback before the plans are finalised.

Another topic discussed was the health and wellbeing drive that started with a walk for the Leicester community to raise awareness and money for diabetes, which managed to raise a considerable sum. There have been many health events that have taken place, which the community hopes to continue, to really emphasise the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and increase awareness of the wide variety of medical ailments.

A special moment was when a long standing respected neighbour stood up to convey her gratitude for the festive dinner and the promise that work within the community would flourish as a joint effort.

After presentations were completed, the guests engaged in lively conversations with community members, and a raffle was drawn picking two winners from the guests.

A buffet style dinner was then served, which consisted of a hearty authentic Bohra meal and ended with homemade mince pies and coffee, in keeping with the festive theme.

A group picture to mark the special gathering

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