Art in Mind event hosted by Ladies of London

On Sunday 3rd March 2019, Ladies of London hosted a charitable art exhibition to raise money for the charity MIND – for better mental health. This event, labelled Art in MIND took place in the al-Masjid al-Husainy complex in London and showcased the talent of 11 community artists. The exhibition included a stunning range of work from photography to fine art paintings using a variety of mediums such as watercolours and acrylics.

During the event a Neuropsychiatrist with special interest in causation of Mental Illness and holistic health, gave a brief talk about emotional wellbeing and a few steps everyone can take in ensuring they are not only aware of their current state of emotions but in control of how they develop. He touched on points such as how a positive state of mind can change any situation, to how balancing the activity of the right brain (creative) and left brain (analytical) works miracles.

Following the talk, a delicious spread of traditional Bohra cuisine was served in a buffet style to all those present. Stations for Arabic calligraphy, professional portrait shots and Happy Threads (a women empowerment project) were also set up for all to enjoy and appreciate.

With this event, Ladies of London hope to empower people struggling with mental health and help reduce the stigma that has become synonymous with the subject, so that people with mental health issues can come forward and receive the care they need. To that end, the use of art as an expression of emotions, provides a great alternative form of therapy.

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