Supporting Those Hit Hardest by Covid-19 in India, Pakistan and Yemen

Mrs Shakir recalls talking to a relative who told her that, due to Covid-19 quarantine measures, many people were unable to work, leaving them with no income and unable to meet their basic needs.  She wanted to help them.

Helping others in need is an integral part of the Dawoodi Bohra faith, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Every year, Mr and Mrs Shakir from the Manchester Dawoodi Bohras hold a fundraising appeal for vulnerable people throughout the world. And so, this year, the Shakirs chose to help those most affected by Covid-19 in parts of India, Pakistan and Yemen by organizing and sending food parcels for local communities there.

Mr and Mrs Shakir from the Manchester Dawoodi Bohra Community

They began by asking friends, family and those around them for any donations.  And from there it grew. Mrs Shakir expressed, “We were overwhelmed at the generosity of others.  With the donations we received, we were able to help villages in India, Pakistan and Yemen.” The Shakirs bought food in bulk and distributed food packages to the most heavily affected families, giving those families enough food to last them the whole month.

Mrs Shakir added, “We continue to provide support whenever possible and we hope to be able to provide more people with basic provisions so that they don’t have to suffer through these turbulent times.”

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