Dawoodi Bohras of Leicester Walk Around the World for Cancer Research UK

The Dawoodi Bohra community of Leicester commemorated World Cancer Day on 4th February by organising a month long “Walk Around the World Challenge” to raise awareness of the fight against cancer and to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Setting themselves the ambitious target of collectively walking 24,901 miles – the circumference of the Earth – the Leicester Bohras are getting very close to meeting their target, as well as starting important conversations on the impact of cancer.

The Walk the World challenge is part of Project Rise, a wide-ranging global philanthropic initiative established by the Dawoodi Bohras in 2018 to improve the lives of the less fortunate in many different ways.

Local Bohra owned community pharmacy showing their support

Joined by supporters from all over the world, the Bohras of Leicester and the wider community got their walking shoes on! Whilst collecting miles they continued spreading efforts to raise funds. Over 243 participants collectively came together in kindred spirits for an important cause. Both the younger and elder generation were able to support the challenge as well as keep fit and energised throughout COVID-19 restrictions. Although the challenge started with the Leicester Bohras, the ‘Walk Around the World Challenge’ became a global effort to beat cancer!

Raising just over £2,000, a great donation for Cancer Research UK the participants were able to a play a part in helping this integral organisation. Here is a little information about all the great work that Cancer Research UK do:

  • Research into early diagnosis and prevention of cancer
  • Funding clinical trials of newer more effective cancer treatments some of which have less side effects
  • Funding research into cancer itself, so it can be understood and treated better
  • Running programmes such as Cancer Chat which gives those affected by cancer someone to talk to

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic so many regular services have been halted, delayed or changed. Hence, raising funds at this point was especially important to help ensure the fight against cancer continues!

As the challenge comes to an end the Leicester Dawoodi Bohra community was able to reflect on the immeasurable positivity the challenge generated. With just 2000 miles left to do, they pledge to continue raising awareness whilst walking all over cancer!

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