Dawoodi Bohras Partner With Aire Rivers Trust to Clean Bradford Beck

Volunteers from the Bradford community of Dawoodi Bohras teamed up with Aire Rivers Trust to clear rubbish from Bradford Beck in Shipley.  People of all ages joined the river clean-up to remove around 1 tonne of litter and rubbish from the riverbanks and surrounding areas.

Aire Rivers Trust is a volunteer-led charity that works hard to improve local rivers for wildlife and people.

Simon Watts, Operations Manager at Aire Rivers Trust, said, “We’ve been really pleased to have the Dawoodi Bohras help us care for Bradford Beck in Shipley.  It’s fantastic to see new groups getting involved with caring for our streams and rivers.  They made a huge difference.  We’re always keen to introduce new volunteers to these special places and the wildlife that live within them.”

Najmuddin Master, a representative of the Bradford Dawoodi Bohras, said, “COP27 is a timely reminder that we all have a role to play in protecting and enhancing the natural environment, whether that means planting trees, recycling, or cleaning local parks and waterways.  Bohras everywhere are committed to doing what we can to improve the environment for nature and for people.”

Like the Dawoodi Bohras all over the world, community members from Bradford strive to play productive roles in society.   As part of the global Project Rise initiative, Bohras regularly support local food banks, as well as undertake street and river clean-ups to help preserve the natural environment. In 2021, for example, members of the Bradford Dawoodi Bohras stepped up to help Bradford Council’s ‘Tree for Every Child’ scheme by volunteering to plant trees in Newhall Park.

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