Celebrating World Teachers’ Day in Bradford

On World Teachers’ Day, we interviewed four teachers from the Dawoodi Bohra community of Bradford about their daily roles and responsibilities, and what they find most rewarding in the classroom.

Zahabiya Gakhar

Zahabiya Ghakar is a 33 year old Learning and Teaching Support Assistant.

I recently started working as a Learning and Teaching Support Assistant.  After having my two daughters, like many mums, it was not possible for me to work in a 9 to 5 job.  So after passing the Level 1 and 2 exams and my English GCSE, I now work with Year 2 & 3 students at a local school.

My role involves supporting pupils with their learning in lessons, with a particular focus on pupils with special needs.  I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing I am making a difference and it is lovely when some of the students recognise me outside of school and say hello.  Once my youngest is in full time education, my ambition is to progress my career in the education sector.

Rashida Fakhri

For 20 years, Rashida Fakhri has been a Teaching Assistant at a school for students with special needs.

I work as a teacher in a special needs school.   My job requires making sure children are looked after safely and all their needs are met.  I work in a year 1 class with children who are 5 and 6 years old. 

Some children have autism and behaviour issues, and each day brings its own challenges.  My role is to ensure interventions are carried out, such as intensive interaction, switching toys, and positive communication.  The most rewarding aspect of my job, however, is teaching children how to communicate through British Sign Language and Makaton – both of which I studied at college in Bradford.

Khadija Yusuf Zakir

Khadija Yusuf Zakir is a 31-year old preschool room leader and Montessori nursery teacher.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education in Preschool, Preschool Class, Leisure Time Centre and Compulsory School (years 1-2) Activity from Gothenburg University in Sweden.  I have experience of working with preschool children and SEN in preschool and society.

My main area of work is focussed on the condition and processes of learning from the learners’ perspective, knowledge-forming and sustainable development, children’s play, and creative and mathematical learning, to name a few.

The most rewarding part of teaching children is that it is fun, challenging and interesting to see how children think, grow and change during their early years development.

Husena Nagree

22 year old Husena Nagree is in the 2nd year of her career as a Class Teacher.

I am a full time primary school teacher in Bradford, having graduated from Leeds Trinity University with a BA in Primary Education.  My teaching is KS1 focused (Year 2).  My job is to develop early reading through phonics and increase mathematical fluency through daily teaching.

My job allows me to encourage exploration through foundation subjects and make learning memorable.  I am able to teach a variety of subjects and children from different ethnicities, backgrounds and SENDs.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is being able to see the progress each child has made across the course of the school year.  It is great seeing children develop their confidence in learning and taking pride in the work they produce.  Working alongside parents has also been great.  It is humbling to feel appreciated when all I’m doing is my job!

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