London Dawoodi Bohras Set Local Schools “Plant Growing Challenge” to Mark Earth Day

To mark Earth Day, the Dawoodi Bohra Ladies of London – under the global Project Rise initiative – provided a gardening activity for local school children to do over the Easter Holidays.

Gardening is a fun, creative way to learn about taking care of the environment and contributing to climate action through sustainable solutions- an important theme of this year’s Earth Day.

Helios Ingredients Ltd, a Dawoodi Bohra owned business, graciously donated 25 kilograms of beans and 15 kilograms of peas to be distributed to local schools. The beans and peas were packed for year groups and distributed before the Easter Holidays began.  By growing their own plants, students had an opportunity to feel connected to the planet and take an active step in doing their part to care for the environment.

The Stokes Poges School expressed their gratitude for not only the beans, but also, ‘to Project Rise for their generous donation and for helping to inspire a new generation of gardeners.’

Furthermore, research has shown that gardening is good for mental health. Having plants around has been proven to reduce stress, make you feel more energised, and help you think more clearly. 

The Dawoodi Bohras are advocates for educating the young about caring and protecting the earth; and to strive for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.  As part of Project Rise, the Dawoodi Bohras regularly lead practical efforts to conserve, enhance and clear up the natural environment, while raising awareness of the need for sustainable development

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