Usborne books donated to Northwick Park Hospital

Little Dove's Bookshop

In June 2020, Zainab Abdeali, a member of the Dawoodi Bohra community of London started Little Dove’s Bookshop – a bookshop selling Usborne children’s books. She receives the books from Usborne and delivers them locally for free. Zainab works with both individuals and institutions like schools and nurseries to supply books to all children, no matter their interests or reading level. Little Dove’s began as a ‘business from home’ during the pandemic, but now Zainab has found a philanthropic aspect to her business.

The National Literacy Trust reports that 1 in 11 disadvantaged children in the UK say that they don’t have a book of their own. Zainab has realised that through her business she has a unique opportunity to provide books to children who would benefit the most from receiving a book of their own. These children include those who are in the hospital and children who cannot afford their own books. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing public libraries to close and forcing children to learn remotely, Zainab firmly believes that this is such a crucial and important time to get books to all children – regardless of their circumstances.

Little Dove's Bookshop

Recently, Zainab was able to raise £300 worth of books for children at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, London. Northwick Park Hospital specialises in tropical diseases and has been at the epicentre of the virus. Little Dove’s Bookshop distributed books to children throughout the paediatric ward as a way to help them keep their minds occupied whilst in hospital amidst a global pandemic.

For generations, Dawoodi Bohras have valued the importance of literacy and education. We are proud of Zainab and her collaborators at Little Dove’s Bookshop for the work they are doing to ensure that even during these trying and unprecedented times, children are given the opportunity and encouragement to continue to read.

Zainab continues to raise money to buy books for vulnerable and underprivileged children. If you know of any groups or charities that would appreciate free books, please get in touch with Zainab Abdeali at 07708760842 or email

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